About Us


Established in 2017, we are peer to peer platform that transforms a new way of shopping. We aim to disrupt the conventional way of shopping by giving you the best shopping experience. We also intend on helping people to gain more from the services we provide. Whether you are miles from Paris and have a craving for LV bags, you can easily go through our website and join the community.

The community that we build is based on trust and you do not have to worry on being lied. It is our priority here at Indtake to create the best shopping experience for our customer in the world.

Meet Our Founders


A true fan of an economy!

As a founder, his dream is to change the old way of shopping experience. He met Sat while both went to university. Both aspire to enable people in this world to have anything they want without any barriers. He hopes this new model of business can create more opportunities where demand and supply are equal. As a former risk manager in financial industry, he surely knows how to balance the risk and opportunity.


He co-founded indtake during coffee time with AMY after long hours of work. A fan of Indiana Jones and National Geographic, he initially wanted to be an archaeologist but stopped chasing his dream to be one after his idealisme had been swayed by capitalist economic system. With an accounting background combined with his experience as an analyst in banking sector, he sure knows how to deal with numbers and has a keen eye to spot problems. Currently a someone else's husband, he is planning to live a life to the fullest.