Frequently Asked Questions

i. Start Now!

You are curious on how it works? please don't be. We are here to help and assist you at anytime.

1. What is

We are peer to peer platform that helps you get anything that you want both domestically and abroad by just making a simpe click and enjoy a new way of shopping.

2. Why Indtake?

We want to give you the best shopping experience. Just click to the site and you will get what you want.

3. Where we located?

As for now, we are currently in Jakarta, Indonesia and will following the regulation of Republic of Indonesia.

ii. How it works?

You can click on the following link to view the existing scheme on out website

1.How to use our website?

Select the "sign up", fill in the fields,a notification sent to your email account with a link to activate your account indtake. Click on it and it will direct to our website. Enjoy our site :)

2.How to post a trip?

Select going somewhere, then fill in the fields and your trip is posted to the site. Wait for the others to contact you.

3.How to post a request?

If you feel that I want to buy something sporty or something branded just select on need something and fill in all the fields

4. How can Indtake help me if I'm out of ideas?

On the site, you can easily click browse and it will display all goods from all over the world. You can either click on request to hunt for goods or trips to discover what indtakers from all over the world going.

5. How if I made a payment and I don't receive my goods?

Our policy states that we will conduct investigation for 14 days and once we get the answer we will notify you.

6. How about the customs and duties?

Any goods will stricly impose to local regulation and laws. Whilst we try to help Shoppers to source products from across the world and reduce on shipping costs, the import customs, duties and taxes are outside our control (Ini dari Shopandbox,ada yang perlu diganti ga?). For further information regarding Indonesia customs and tax you might click on the following site

7.Prohibited goods or products

We will ensure every items our customer purchase is under the regulation of local shopper.

For Indonesian prohibited products please refer to : xxxxxx/com

However, Indtake also remind all the customer to avoid these products because it may detained by local authority (Indtake will remove and/or amend any listing deemed inappropriate without prior notice to the requester and/or shopper):

Firearms, Weapons and/or Warfare
Guns, ammunition and bullets (including imitation weapons, toy guns/pistols, shots and pellets) Offensive weapons such as pepper sprays, stun guns, throwing knives, brass knuckles Any form of nuclear materials Restraining devices such as handcuffs, leg cuffs, ankle cuffs Any form of surveillance and/or eavesdropping equipment including night vision Software or technology used for active flight control purposes Axes, hammers, bayonets, bows and arrows

Explosives, Toxics and Dangerous Products
Radioactive and explosive materials such as gunpowder, dynamite, fireworks Any form of poison / poisonous provisions Flammable items such as fuel, paint thinner, compressed gas or gas cylinders Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides Aerosol sprays / cans and some perfumes Goods containing any form of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) Automotive products such as brake fluid, coolants, degreasers, antifreeze

Pornographic or Obscene Materials
Any form of pornographic material Any form of erotic publications including videos, movies, literature Any counterfeit or pirated goods

Perishable Products
Any food products that are frozen or items that require refrigeration Any fresh produce such as fresh flowers, living plants, trees, bushes, seedlings

Wildlife or Human Products
Any live animals including pets, aquatic/marine, exotic, wildlife, rare species Any wildlife products including animal bones, skulls, taxidermy, insect candy, animals in resin or jars Any form of human remains including ashes, bones, body parts

Restricted Commodities to Certain Countries

There are restrictions to the shipment of commodities to certain countries (or prohibited altogether) and as such, Indtake may not be able to support you in shopping for and shipping to/from these countries. Check with the shopping country and your home country restriction to understand a bit more about what this means for you.

iv. Payment

1. How to pay

From the site you can click on xxxx after you finish the transaction with the assigned shopper. We will release the payment to shopper after the requester received the stuff and confirm via website.

2. Payment methods

i. We accept two forms of payment:

1. Bank Transfer ( via Indwallet) and

2. Debit and credit cards (only MasterCard and Visa)

ii. How Indtake process the payment?

When requester received the goods and make confirmation through the site, Indtake will process the payment in 3-5 working days. Buyer should confirm the payment via site as well.

Nunggu setelah ada kerjasama dengan veritrans untuk payment getaway. Tapi nanti setelah requester klik pada pay, maka duit akan masuk dan alert ke email requester. Setelah itu baru dana diendapkan di rekening Indtake. Setelah shopper mengirimkan barang dan requester konfirmasi telah menerima barang maka baru release payment.


v. Shipping

1.Where is my stuff?

Please do look at our tracking status to track your order. So do not worry much, everything is under control!

2. What are my shipping options?

Currently, we are working together with the best delivery company in Indonesia. Our primary delivery option is JNE. It usually takes 3-7 days from goods arrival.


vi. Others


1. I think I want to change my password

Click on my profile and change your current password with the new one

2.Oh no,i forgot the password!

click on forgot password from the sign in pop up box in the indtake homepage

3.Why should I pay and communicate through website?

Well, with so many thiefs out there and they are getting smarter it seems you have to be more careful. You want the goods you have paid and want to get your hands right?Use our payment getaway and communication on our site so you will experienced the convenience in shopping.You can see the quiet and logistics tracking service and talk with our customer support.



Still have questions? please do send us your inquiries we will happy to assist